Positive Passes

Positive Passes is an organization dedicated to positive work, primarily to serve the youth.


To encourage and promote a conscientious lifestyle amongst the youth in a wide range of communities.  This is done by stressing a strong balance and build in 3 main foundations in our life: (1)the mind, (2)the body, & (3)the spirit (heart). With continuous balance and build in these 3 foundations, we are able to reach our full potential.   

(1) Mind –  We continuously build our mind through many activities related to school such as reading, writing, art, music, etc.

(2) Body – We continuously build our body through healthy diet and exercise, and avoiding drugs.

(3) Spirit (heart) – We continuously build our spirit through righteous actions and attributes.  Example: Helping others, having courage, standing up for ourselves and others, prayer, etc.

Target Audience

Positive Passes primarily targets “at-risk” youths in communities.  However, positive passes does not discriminate in it’s work and message amongst any youths. We reach out to schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, soccer clubs and other institutions involving kids.