About Positive Passes

Positive Passes is an organization dedicated to positive work, primarily to serve the youth.


To encourage and promote a conscientious lifestyle amongst the youth in a wide range of communities.  This is done by stressing a strong balance and build in 3 main foundations in our life: (1)the mind, (2)the body, & (3)the spirit (heart). With continuous balance and build in these 3 foundations, we are able to reach our full potential.   

(1) Mind –  We continuously build our mind through many activities related to school such as reading, writing, art, music, etc.

(2) Body – We continuously build our body through healthy diet and exercise, and avoiding drugs.

(3) Spirit (heart) – We continuously build our spirit through righteous actions and attributes.  Example: Helping others, having courage, standing up for ourselves and others, prayer, etc.

Target Audience

Positive Passes primarily targets “at-risk” youths in communities.  However, positive passes does not discriminate in it’s work and message amongst any youths. We reach out to schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, soccer clubs and other institutions involving kids.   



(1) Introduction – Introduce myself and possibly others involved in Positive Passes event of that day

(2) Speak about my journey to become a pro soccer player

A. Place of birth, college, and different teams & countries visited

B. Include hardships and mistakes made along the way, and the importance our reactions from our mistakes which counts most

C. Teach mind, body, and spirit balance & build

Relay Races

(1) Have the kids answer questions related to the lecture.  The ones who get the questions correct qualify to be involved in relay races.

(2) Divide the kids selected for the relay races into teams

(3) Do relay races first without ball and then incorporate the ball.

(4) ONLY the winning teams in the relay races may receive a prizes (this stresses that nothing in life comes to us for free, and we have to earn everything we get)

*Steps 1-4 should be repeated with different group of kids after each relay race is complete.  ONLY select the kids who answer correctly the questions about the lecture.

Juggling Contest

The selected kids compete in a juggling contest where they try to reach a certain number of juggles.  Prizes are awarded to those who achieve their juggles.

Note: The Positive Passes curriculum is very flexible and can adapt to different environments where it is being presented.